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What's going on in Japan? (No.28)

The asteroid probe Hayabusa, which has captivated Japan with its miraculous return from a seven-year, 6-billion kilometer, trouble-plagued space journey, is scheduled to lift off again--in three new films. One of the three movies, which are due to hit the big screen from fall through 2012, will feature Ken Watanabe, an award-winning Japanese actor who has starred in many Hollywood hits. Hayabusa, which means falcon, returned to Earth in June last year as the world's first space probe to have collected particles from an asteroid. The probe's feat has already been featured in a documentary film by Kadokawa Pictures Inc., titled "Hayabusa," which opened in May and drew about 100,000 viewers. The release of three more films on the same theme one after another is highly unusual, according to Japanese movie industry officials.

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